Water Resources East

We are collaborating with the Water Resources East (WRE) project in both our Wissey and Lark Catchment Partnerships. This project is being driven by Anglian Water and led by the Wissey flow group and Lark abstractors group with the aim of working with water-dependent businesses to understand long term water resource planning between all water users.


The goal of the WRE project is to develop a long-term, multi-sector water resource strategy for the East. The vision is for an integrated strategy, with trade-offs between industry sectors that will balance the needs of all partners. The strategy will be jointly owned and delivered, taking account of the needs of all of those in the WRE region with an interest in the management and use of water.


This aligns well with DEFRA’s new pilots to revise the strategy around abstraction licensing within 4 water critical catchments – the CamEO partnership is one of these pilots. We are currently working with the Environment Agency to organise workshops to up-skill local partners and allow everyone’s voice to be heard about how we can make the best use of the water we have.


It is an exciting opportunity for us in a water stressed catchment, especially as the pressure of development puts ever increasing demands on water resources. CamEO aims to influence policies that ensure there is enough water for consumption, food and the environment.

Read more about this, go to our Water Resources page (here) and read more about the Water Resources East project on their website, http://waterresourceseast.com/