Lark Catchment

The Lark subcatchment covers the River Lark and surrounding waterbodies, and Bury St Edmunds. It contains 12 waterbodies, 10 of which are classed as having Moderate water quality (2016 Environment Agency data). The main threat seen in the Lark is physical modification of the channel (e.g. straightening, over-widening). Non-native invasive species are found in almost half of the waterbodies in the Lark.


If this is an area of interest for you, then you may be interested to know that the River Lark Catchment Partnership operates here, with a huge interest in community engagement and enjoying the river.

We’re currently working with partners in the area to update the content on this page – if you wish to contact Andrew Hinchley (River Lark Catchment Partnership host) please email him on [email protected]