What We Do

Our vision is to improve the quality and resilience of our water environments, and in doing so, protect and enhance the benefits they provide to communities and businesses. Inclusivity is at the heart of our approach, whether working across the catchment or locally within sub-catchment partnerships. Working in collaboration, we will facilitate a shared understanding of environmental need, align the interests and resources of public, private and third sector organisations and empower communities to deliver positive action in our catchment.

This vision is embodied in our current 5 year strategy which was written by co-hosts in consultation with the sub-catchment partnerships, who will support an annual review of delivery. You can read the CamEO Catchment Partnership Strategy here: 


CamEO Catchment Partnership Strategy 2022-27

The CamEO Partnership have identified four key themes to focus partnership delivery through the current Catchment Partnership Strategy. Each sub-catchment partnership has developed individual action plans which are embedded and  support the direct delivery of these themes within the CamEO Catchment Partnership Strategy. These themes are:

Water Flow: Improve awareness and engagement of the use of water resources and improving understanding of the water resources picture within each sub-catchment.

Water Quality: Increase monitoring of water quality across sub-catchments, combining institutional data with citizen science, working with all stakeholders to reduce pollution. Develop monitoring and mapping frameworks to assess whole catchments.

Biodiversity and Landscape: Restore rivers so far as possible to their original courses, reconnect them to their floodplains, open up culverted and piped sections, remove unnecessary weirs and other structures, and adopt Nature based Solutions in managing flood risks in place of engineered and chemical solutions.

Delivering as Partnerships: Establishing shared and open data for partners to review collaboratively and feed into combined platforms. Identifying opportunities to gain funding and deliver projects through joint partnerships to achieve greater catchment-scale impact and improvements.