Who We Are

The scope of CamEO encompasses 5 river catchments; the River Lark, Little Ouse and Thet, Cam, Wissey, and South Level in the East of England. Together, these basins are operationally known as the CamEO partnership, which is co-hosted by The Rivers Trust and Anglian Water.

The role of hosting the catchment includes formal reporting, and the partnership is responsible for the delivery of any management required to ensure that the catchment is in a favourable condition as defined by the Environment Agency and the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). However, primarily the role is as a facilitator in order to enable the development of inclusive cross-sector partnerships between stakeholders and local action groups who operate at local scales to delivery the work programmes below. 

The activities of the CamEO catchment partnership are supported by the Water Co-Governance (WaterCoG) project, a European project (EU Interreg VB) that brings together professionals from Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and the UK. The wider ambition of the project is to understand whether, by working together, partners and communities are able to manage ecosystems, across the North-Sea region, in a sustainable way.

CamEO works with several partner organisations and community groups from across society to help improve the health of the rivers. We work with enthusiastic partners who have the skills and knowledge to deliver sometimes specific environmental improvements with the help of local communities. 

Below is an overview of the partners we work with and the subcatchments they work in: