Who We Are

CamEO encompasses five river catchments in the East of England: the Lark, Little Ouse and Thet, Cam, Wissey and South Level .

Together, these basins are operationally known as the CamEO Partnership, which is hosted by The Rivers Trust.

The Rivers Trust are river and catchment conservation experts with a wealth of data and expertise at their fingertips.

The primarily role of the host is as a facilitator to enable the development of inclusive cross-sector partnerships between stakeholders and action groups who operate at local scales to deliver improvements to the CamEO water environments.

CamEO’s work is guided by the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). The Framework determines that:

Citizens, nature and industry all need healthy rivers and lakes, groundwater and bathing waters. The Water Framework Directive (WFD) focuses on ensuring good qualitative and quantitative health, i.e. on reducing and removing pollution and on ensuring that there is enough water to support wildlife at the same time as human needs.

Since 2000, the WFD has been the main law for water protection in Europe. It applies to inland, transitional and coastal surface waters as well as groundwaters. It ensures an integrated approach to water management, respecting the integrity of whole ecosystems, including by regulating individual pollutants and setting corresponding regulatory standards. It is based on a river basin district approach to make sure that neighbouring countries cooperate to manage the rivers and other bodies of water they share.

The CamEO host reports formerly to the EA on an annual basis around river health improvements.

CamEO works with several partner organisations and community groups from across society to help improve the health of the rivers. We work with enthusiastic partners who have the skills and knowledge to deliver sometimes specific environmental improvements with the help of local communities.

Below is an overview of the partners we work with and the sub-catchments they work in: