Community Action

This work programme is seeking to improve how much the river channel is physically modified by human actions, so the water quality and morphology of the river can improve. The programme also seeks to improve the connection between communities and natural resource management, as river restoration is often completed with the aid of volunteers and local action groups across all of the catchments within CamEO. This can also involve citizen science projects, where members of the public can help collect data so we improve our understanding of the local environments/habitats. By encouraging local decision making, community management of river catchments can instill a sense of community ownership.

Specific Objectives:

  • Increase community and stakeholder understanding of the pressures on the water environment and the way in which it is managed.
  • Increase community and stakeholder awareness and engagement with CamEO and sub-catchment partnerships.
  • Provide opportunities for appropriate community-led delivery within the catchment and support the alignment of relevant initiatives and interest groups.
  • Communicate the activity and benefits of community-led actions within the catchment.


Public engagement is a large part of the community action work programme. Work here has included organised litter picks coordinated by CamEO’s partners to engage members of the public with clean up efforts in the catchment. Learn more about how you can get involved in volunteering with Anglian Water here.