CamEO becomes a pilot area for abstraction reform in a huge step forward for all water users…


As a partnership, we have wide-scoping aims for delivering projects that benefit multiple users across the whole river catchment. The CamEO hosts provide support to sub-catchment partnerships that enable local groups to turn ambition into action. Our ambitions can be categorised into programmes of work that are shared between our partners:

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CamEO catchment action plan for 2018/19

Community Action
Encourage community management of river catchments by enabling decision making at a local level.

Specific Objectives

  • Increase public awareness and engagement of CaBA and CamEO
  • Align community initiatives such as RiverCare with local partnerships
  • Instil a sense of community ownership in local river ecosystems
  • Communicate the benefits of community driven catchment management.

Farming and Land Use
Land use sectors contribute to, and benefit from, healthy ecosystems.

Specific Objectives

  • Encourage sustainable soil management in the catchment
  • Reduce the volume and impact of agricultural diffuse pollution
  • Increase efficient water use and capture on farm
  • Promote the use of natural flood management techniques)

Health of the River System
Create, maintain and restore well-functioning, biodiverse and resilient ecosystems.

Specific Objectives

  • Share best practice river restoration techniques amongst partners
  • Improve the morphology of rivers within the catchment
  • Increase the resilience of streams that are vulnerable to low flows
  • Reconnect natural floodplain systems to reduce flooding pressure
  • Enhance the biodiversity of river ecosystems.

Invasive Species
Mitigate the impact of invasive non-native species (INNS).

Specific Objectives

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the extent and impact of INNS within the catchment
  • Understand the potential for INNS eradication and control
  • Coordinate/align INNS action across the catchment
  • Promote biosecurity messages, including the Check Clean Dry and Be Plantwise campaigns.

Securing Resources
Improve strategic cooperation at the catchment scale in order to secure resources and enable delivery.

Specific Objectives

  • Increase alignment and availability of existing resources to support the objectives of the partnership
  • Leverage further resources to support the objectives of the partnership
  • Improve fund-raising skills amongst partners

Water Resources
Ensure enough water of sufficient quality to support consumption, irrigation and healthy ecosystems. Promote impartial water resource planning to safeguard environmental needs.

Specific Objectives

  • Raise awareness amongst sub-catchment partnerships about water resource planning to enable them to act as informed stakeholders
  • Influence policy, such as abstraction reform, to ensure sustainable water use in the catchment
  • Align national initiatives, such as Water Resources East, with the activities of the partnership
  • Encourage longer-term water resource planning within CamEO Water Stewardship Business Board network
  • Keep local partners informed of the national picture regarding water resource management

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