CamEO becomes a pilot area for abstraction reform in a huge step forward for all water users…

Water Sensitive Farming

Rural diffuse pollution and water availability are some of the greatest challenges to the catchment. If a soil becomes saturated during periods of rainfall, it will begin to pool and run off the surface of the field. This water can contain soil, nutrients and pesticides, which will not only be a loss for the farm business, but is also a source of pollution for the environment. Conversely, in times of drought, having resilient soils and water management is key to maintenance of sustainable water supplies for businesses and the environment. Good soil and water management is therefore critical to preventing rural diffuse pollution.

Our project

The Water Sensitive Farming (WSF) project aims to promote just this – working with agricultural businesses to create plans that enable farmers to be sensitive to the wider dynamics of the environment, while ensuring that these decisions are profitable.

Ed Bramham-Jones, who works for Norfolk Rivers Trust as a Farm Advisor, represents CamEO by working with farmers and growers throughout the catchment to deliver agricultural interventions to achieve good water stewardship. Interventions can include silt traps, buffer strips and in-field management changes such as cover crops, cultivation management and wheeling disruption.

If you’re a grower within the Wissey, Lark, Little Ouse or Cam catchments and would like to organise a free and confidential farm visit or to discuss agricultural best practice, please email or phone 07788377617.

Ed’s latest progress:

• Priority targeting of the catchment has now been completed
• Farm advisory network established
• Agronomy network established
• Connections established with agricultural supply chain groups
(including members of the CamEO water stewardship business board)
• Collaboration with pork producers to incorporate outdoor pig farmers
• One-to-one farm advisory visits throughout the catchment
• Knowledge exchange workshops
• On farm intervention demonstrations

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