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River Restoration

Partnership river restoration, whether through small scale habitat enhancements (e.g. pinning brash bundles into river banks, creating small flow deflectors, planting up river banks, restoring gravel beds) or larger scale excavator activities (e.g. bank re-profiling with dig and dump processes), can have huge benefits for both wildlife and local volunteers.

These projects are becoming more and more popular for our partners to deliver, with a large proportion of the catchment now covered by active ambition or action:

EA & National Trust (Gadder)

Anglian Water (Wissey Feeder Streams)

Norfolk Rivers Trust (Upper Wissey)

BTO (Little Ouse)

Little Ouse Headwaters Project

Suffolk Wildlife Trust (Blackbourn & Little Ouse)

River Lark Catchment Partnership (Whole Stretch)

Wild Trout Trust (River Shep)

Wildlife Trust BCN (Bourne Brook)

RiverCare (Cherry Hinton Brook)

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