CamEO becomes a pilot area for abstraction reform in a huge step forward for all water users…

Soil Focus Group

A sub-group of our water stewardship business board focusses specifically on the long term management and sustainability of soils across the catchment. This group was established in late 2017 with the following remit:

  • Review the current landscape around soil management
  • Review current tactics employed by water stewardship business board members
  • Deliver actions at farm level (on the catchment scale)
  • Driven from the grower up
  • Review the Hutchinson’s Healthy Soils assessment model as a decision making tool
  • Focus on management around groundwater protection zones
  • Review of different production systems, specifically soil management across root and veg rotations (including the important over winter period)
  • Focus should be on the long-term quality of the soil, looking at moisture retention, structure, erosion, fertility, pollution.

The ambition is to create and disseminate information for both farmers and policy makers, highlighting the importance of good soil management across the varying soil types in the CamEO catchment.

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