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Agricultural Advisors

If you work in agriculture, you’ve probably been contacted by any number of advisors over the past few years. Engaging with farmers is becoming increasingly important for environmental management and whilst this may sometimes seem to interfere with the fundamentals of running your farm business, there are great opportunities available (advice and financial). Here’s who’s giving advice in our catchment:

Advisor Name & Company

Geographic Area


Rob Holland
Anglian Water
North (Wissey) Pesticides in drinking water – reducing metaldehyde use
Fiona Wood
Anglian Water
Whole Catchment Nutrients in the catchment – fertiliser efficiency
Jennifer Thomas
Cambridge Water
South (Cam, Rhee, Granta) Groundwater protection – water demand management
Ed Bramham-Jones
Norfolk Rivers Trust
East (Wissey, Little Ouse, Lark) Soil erosion – cultivation advice and silt traps
Helen Blower
Environment Agency
Whole Catchment Environmental impact of agricultural action
Rob Wise
National Farmers Union
Whole Catchment Best practice advice – water availability & quality
Nigel Simpson
Natural England
Whole Catchment (North Focus) Countryside stewardship schemes
Heidi Smith
Norfolk FWAG
North (Wissey) Facilitation funds & countryside stewardship

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