Water Framework Directive

The Catchment Based Approach is a key mechanism for delivering the objectives set out in the Water Framework Directive (WFD). This states that the quality of all waterbodies (rivers, lakes and estuaries) must reach ‘good ecological status’ as soon as possible (with an absolute deadline of 2027). River Basin Management Plans identify issues to guide catchment management and provide evidence of success and failure to the WFD. All catchment partnerships maintain a link to River Basin Management Plans through their Environment Agency Catchment Coordinator.

To improve river water quality in a sustainable, cost-effective manner, we must first address the reason for failure. It is essential that we look at prevention and the cure.

In addition, local action and community participation have a huge role to play. Article 14 of the WFD states that member states must “encourage the active involvement of interested parties” in achieving the specified objectives. We are excited to work in partnership with local interested people within our target areas. Please contact us to find out how to get involved.

AW Construction


      • No deterioration in current water quality


      • No expansion of water treatment infrastructure


      • Good ecological status in all rivers by 2027

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